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Water damage, whether caused by a burst pipe or a natural calamity such as a flood, is one of the most difficult situations a business can face. Water can be hazardous not just to flooring, ceilings, and furniture, but it can also be catastrophic to paper-based objects. Water-damaged paper deteriorates quickly, therefore it’s vital to stop the damage from spreading and protect your valuable and irreplaceable documents. Our commercial restoration team at Water Damage Of St Paul MN provides experienced document restoration services to quickly restore your papers to their pre-loss state. We will provide you with the best solutions to your water damaged documents.

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What Types of Water-Damaged Documents Can Be Saved?

Despite the fact that we live in a digital age, most businesses still maintain various crucial papers on paper in their offices. Many documents may need to be dried and restored if they have been damaged by water. Certificates, licenses, contracts, and diplomas, as well as photos, tax papers, invoices, and warranties, are among the documents and paper objects that can be conserved using our document drying services. When your firm gets flooded, you must move quickly to save your sensitive records. Water-damaged paper deteriorates quickly, therefore it’s critical to contact a team of document restoration experts as soon as possible. We help businesses with document-drying services and advanced paper restoration capabilities. Our experts can minimize the damaging effects of water on your irreplaceable documents.

What Can Be Expected From Our Service?

Document Drying Techniques We Use:

Vacuum Freeze-Drying

Irradiation With Gamma Rays

Document Digitization

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