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Our Mold Remediation Process

These are some of the steps that we will follow to treat the mold problem when you hire our mold remediation team to help you.

Mold Will Be Removed From Your Home or Office

Following the removal of significantly damaged porous materials such as gypsum board, any remaining materials such as plywood subfloors and Douglas fir framing can be cleaned. Before using an antibiotic or biocide spray to clean the surfaces during a wet wipe, all visible indications of mold will be eradicated. You may have heard of “mold removal spray” products, but they aren’t known to actually eliminate mold and simply help with cleaning after it has been removed.

We Get Rid of Any Moisture Issues First

If you suspect a leak or other water issue is the source of your mold problem, make sure you address it first. Mold requires moisture to flourish, so if your home or company still has a water infiltration problem, removing the mold will be difficult. Extra ventilation may be required if your mold problems are occurring in a naturally wet setting, such as a shower room.

Absorbent Materials Will Be Discarded

Mold-affected goods, particularly porous things, will need to be fully removed. These can either be submitted to be cleaned professionally or thrown away. Mold can survive in fibers in goods like carpets and furniture, even if you think you’ve cleaned them completely. This means they may have to be discarded to prevent the problem from recurring.

We Isolate Molded Area & Completely Dry

Before demolition, cleaning, or drying can begin, regions containing mold must be segregated from adjacent areas to avoid cross-contamination. Any airflow across moldy surfaces can transport mold spores and contaminants throughout the building. Mold remediation necessitates a thorough drying procedure. This will be performed with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers, as well as moisture meters to determine whether the materials are dry. We will make sure to clean and dry the area completely after providing mold remediation service.

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